Mesa/Boogie 1×12 Boogie Thiele 19″ Cab | Black Vinyl, Black Grille


Call to Purchase! $549

Add Some Tight, Focused Low End to Your Rig

With a long reign as the standard for thump on the bottom, this compact classic is a perfect addition to a Combo or 1×12 Boogie® 19 open-back cabinet whenever you want to add tight, focused low end. The closed-back and front-ported design give the 1×12 Boogie Thiele Front Ported Cabinet a character all its own that supports anything it’s coupled with.

Pairing Suggestions: Recto®-Verb™ Head, Mini Rectifier® Head, Mark 5: 25™ Head, Mark 5: 35™ Head, JP-2C

·      Legendary MESA Tone

·      Marine grade, Baltic birch plywood construction

·      8 Ohm Cabinet Impedance for optimum flexibility and performance

·      Rear-mounted speaker

·      Vintage front-ported design

·      Vintage-inspired construction; designed for tone & portability

·      Premium Celestion speakers – Made in the UK specifically for MESA/Boogie

·      Paralleled Mono Output Jack

·      Built in Petaluma, California, USA

·      Slipcover included